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יום שני, 17 במאי 2010

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יום רביעי, 28 באפריל 2010

We're moving most of our articles and creating new content at our new Yesh Ma L'asot organization web site.
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Why Do We Need To Ask?

יום חמישי, 22 באפריל 2010

By Rabbi Ari Waldman

Students were jostling with each other. A students father delivered a bulk box of chocolate's to be given out to friends - everyone was trying to get some of the treat. Students were shouting Here Here !! Can I have? One shy student was standing in the crowd just hoping to get some. The chocolate disappeared, the shy boy didn't get any. He mustered up some courage he asked the would be chocolate giver why "Why didn't you give me any?"  He answered "because you didn't ask!"

My question is, does Hashem also want us to ask?

The answer is yes - Hashem wants us to ask. Proof is from Bereishies 2 Pasuk 5 which tells us the shrubs and the didn't yet grow for there was no man to work the land . Rashi says there was no man to recognize the goodness of the rain; when Adam was created he recognized their necessity and prayed for rain "The rain fell , and trees and grass grew." We see from here that the need to ask Hashem was already built in to creation by Hashem .

Now you can ask but Hashem knows what I need, why can't he just give me, why do I need to ask?

The answer is when we ask Hashem that comes from the clarity of faith that...

a. Hashem is listening
b. Only Hashem can deliver the goods

So we ask Hashem for what we need and through that we have a relationship with Hashem. Harav Shalom Arush Shlita countless times in his Garden Of Emuna Book says Emuna is prayer. A person who asks Hashem has a relationship with Hashem. Its up to us to make our relationship personal. I need x, you need y so ask Hashem. Anytime of day. The more you ask the closer to Hashem you will feel and more chances of your prayer to be answered.

Remember the need to pray was built into creation, you ask you get....

The Rashi quoted told us that the rain had to be appreciated and asked for, then Hashem delivered . That's the way Hashem wants it to be for our own good to have a relationship with Him.

Weekday Davening Update

יום רביעי, 21 באפריל 2010

Daily Shacharis: 6:00 AM     Sunday-Friday


8:00-9:00 AM - Chassidus Shiur
9:00-9:30 AM - Emunah Shiur

1:00 PM - Mincha Gedola
b'Zman - Mincha Ktana

Maariv: After Mincha Ktana, and again at 8:30 PM

See you there!
...Rabbi Kinstein

A New Begining

יום שלישי, 6 באפריל 2010

Shalom to all.

We are making a Rosh Chodesh seudah and the grand opening.  Please come and join us this week.


On Wednesday the 14 of April we have having a open house and a seudah for Rosh Chodesh in the new location at the corner of Micha and Sorek.  Shacharis at 7:00 AM, a chalavi seudah, along with the first shiur from Rav Don Channen.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
...Rabbi Kinstein

With Thanks We're Starting!

יום ראשון, 21 במרץ 2010

We are very proud to announce that we received our Sefer Torah today. This very night of Zayin Nissan. We were privileged to bring the Torah in to our house and soon very soon, to bring it into our temporary location here in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

The Torah tells us that this 'Nissan' Shall be the 'Rosh' the head of all the months for you. This means that not only is this a 'New Year', but also a 'New Season', A month of 'spring time' the time when all is rejuvenated and coming alive. This is a time when we can bring down a new blessing and a new ratzon. We are told that every day between the first of the month and pesach we have the incredible abundance and an outpouring of shefa. for this is the place that the redemption draw forth it's strength. the whole idea and concept of the geula is set against the back drop of the the flowering fields and trees. The is a reawakening in nature as well. But the root of all this is the redemptive power that is released at this time of year, if we could just focus on this in the middle of all the cleaning and shopping and hustle and bustle.

We are told that we are to remind ourselves and to explain this to our children. This the season leading up to the giving of the Torah of Truth. a time of renewal Rebbe Nachman taught us that this is a prime time to do T'shuva. We are to do allot of soul searching right up until we burn the chametz. Then on pesach night the night of the Seder we are to rejoice in our freedom. To rejoice in the fact that even though we did not merit it we were redeemed, It was and still is an unmerited free gift of pure love from our father.

And it is at this very time that we are starting a new Kehila hopefully to be example of faith and trust 'Kehilat Hodayah V'Simcha, will be Hashem willing this Shabbos 'Shabbos HaGedol' to open its doors to the public and Hashem willing the geula!

Please pray for our success. We are an English speaking, Breslev friendly Emunah based congregation. We endeavor to spread the teaching of Emunah filled stress free life, according to the teachings of the Torah as brought down by the Holy Tzaddikim and as we have receive them from Rebbe Nachman and as I learned from my teacher HaRav Shalom Arush shilta.

So come out and enjoy a lively joyful sincere atmosphere, one of love and togetherness and kindred spirit.

For more information call Rabbi Kinstein at 050 851 4325 or email  Of course our success depends on your involvement, coming and donating.

Baruch Hashem we are on the way! Thank you for your pray and for your support, and may Hashem bless all of you this Pesach season.
And may it be in the merit of our joy and thanksgiving that we all merit the coming of our righteous redeemer and the Geula and Beis HaMikdash in the Holy city of Jerusalem Amein!

Mitzvah Gedolah

יום ראשון, 31 בינואר 2010

Shalom to all,                                                               טז שבט תש''ע

I want to thank all of you who are partners with us in starting "Kehilat Hodayah V’Simcha". I cannot find words to express my feelings of warmth and joy at the outpouring of love and support you have show us. We are still in need as we have just begun. There is still the outstanding bill for our Sefer Torah, as well as the need to make ready the piece of ground that the city has given us to prepare for the caravans. We could be in our new building by Pesach if we can raise the support we are in need of. If you are interested in helping contact me Reb Nati at

So now I invite you all of you large and small to rejoice and be happy that you have such a large portion in something which is such eternal benefit for the community! Come and look upon the work of Hashem! Let your eyes see and your hearts rejoice! Just as Hashem has begun to show His kindness and goodness to all of Israel and to us, so may He finish for us. May we merit that this small step in starting this kehila of Emunah based, achdus and ahavah with thanksgiving and joy, a place where all are welcomed with a smile and a bracha, may this be turned into a start of a movement in our collective return to Hahsem. May all who come here find peace and tranquility, and as they go out from here may this experience accompany them and circulate throughout the world. May the Rebbe’s wellsprings spread fourth, until we merit to start and to finish, until the real truth shines in the heart of every single Jew and the Holy promise that the Rebbe made in so many different forms will be quickly be fulfilled, “I have finished and I will finish!” we still need much salvation and compassion to finish all this and more.

Hashem is our salvation and our hope that we will merit to rejoice in His salvation at all times! I ask you now to publicize this matter to all who have a heart of flesh to come to our aid in starting this project. Hashem is my hope that this represents a sprouting of the seeds of salvation, that the Rebbe’s light will never be extinguished. May this light of this mitzvah of charity bring about a sweetening of all harsh decrees and judgments for you and for us.
Look, see and be astonished! Who would believe our salvation? Now! Now! Come, you, Hashem’s blessed, a pay close attention! Look and see Hashem’s salvation, his kindness and limitless wonders that we have merited now see with our eyes, to illumine and reveal truth and faith in the World! Who would have imagined that I would merit to reveal true encouragement, which knows no limits or bounds! How great are Hashem’s deeds! “You have done great things, Hashem my Elokim.” As He has taken me from the depths, of the klipot and raised me to thi,s even this lowest of levels to serve Him. To find me fit to start a Kehila, and a Yeshiva. His deeds are unfathomably and incalculably Great! Who can utter the mighty deeds of Hashem?! May our salvation come from Hashem, and likewise, may the Rebbe’s holy spiritual light always shine, as he said in his holy words, “My fire will burn until the Mashiach!”

Again to all those who helped bring this about. May Hashem give you success in all your endeavors and may you gain ascendancy and honor. May you merit to walk in the Rebbe’s holy pathways in particular, to say many prayers and supplications, and even more so, that each one of you should express himself before Hashem everyday for at least and hour and should strive always to be happy. Let us be happy and rejoice over His salvation!

Thank you
Shalom from Reb Nati

Hot Soup or Cold Soup You Deside?

יום רביעי, 27 בינואר 2010

On the street today.

I met a man who asked me are you new here? I crossed the street to speak with the tzaddik.

As we talked he asked are you a chassid? I responded, “Someday I hope just to reach the level of being a Jew. He countered “I’m tired of that shtick", "Nu what are you Breslev”, I said “I hope to be”.

So we talked and it was very friendly, I really enjoy these kinds of encounters as they always give me a chance to encourage my brothers to draw closer to Hashem. So I asked "What is being a Chassid?" and he gave the classic description of a Chassid.

But I asked is it enough to wear a certain style clothes or to davin a certain nusach?

He thought. I answered myself. I explained that it is not enough to be a baal l’vush or baal mitzvah’s or even baal l’mud. The minsha in avos “says that a chassid is one who goes beyond the letter of the Law, in all regards, not just in the length of his peyos. He grants forgivingness where the law does not require him to. As we continued, he said “the litvak Derek is a cold Derek”. I thought about the Derek of my litvishah brothers for a moment. “Ah"! it is for the head and thus in ‘his’ words colder Derek, as we know the head has to remain cooler than the body to function, He went on to describe himself in his own words as a “I’m a litvak yekah with a stickel of chassid”.

I realized that this is mamash the truth! We need to have cool heads, but what about the heart is it a furnace. So chassidus is the Derek of the heart, that we serve Hashem with all hearts. In reality we need both. For in the Shema in the second perek we say twice daily, “You shall love the Hashem with all your heart, with all your soul ‘mind, will, and emotions’ and with all your might ‘these two in unison”. For only when we bring achudus into ourselves will we be able to realize achudus in the Am and bring about the Geula.

But until then you chose? If there are two bowls of delicious homemade chicken soup on the table both the exactly the same except that one is piping hot and the other ice cold, which is the tastier of the two and which do you prefer? The hot soup or the cold soup? He said "Nu what’s the kasha?", “I will always choose the hot soup!” 

I said “Nu, My Rebbe, Rav Shalom Arush Shilta, makes a great bowl of hot soup!” He said everything you just said is the Emeser Emes!

 " So Nu Why don't you come and try some?"

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